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Brazil Clients Visited EVANGEL Office

Publication Date: 2023-06-21 Promulgator:admin Clicks:864

On June 21, 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting a client from Brazil. Last weekend, the client proactively added us on WeChat, and we promptly provided them with quotations. During our conversations, we learned that the client was currently in Nanjing. After extending several invitations, the client finally visited our company in Shanghai.

As the client only spoke Spanish and Portuguese, we utilized translation software throughout the communication process. The client's contact in Paraguay acted as the interpreter. Despite the language barrier, we successfully communicated with the client, and they expressed great satisfaction with our company.

We are delighted that the client had a positive impression of our company, and we look forward to further discussions and potential collaborations in the future. Our commitment to providing excellent service and meeting our client's needs remains unwavering.   

Brazil Clients Visited EVANGEL Office