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Song Activities Before the EONMAC's Annual Meeting of 2020
Publication Date: 2019-12-29 Promulgator:admin Clicks:2600
On  December 29th, 2019, Each department held a welcome ceremony of its own to welcome the arrival of the new year. To let us boost our morale and move forward vigorously In the new year, . Some departments choose to go to sing, some go to have dinner parties together, and some go to play escape rooms.
Our department unanimously decided to sing songs, it turned out to be that there are many singing talents among us. First of all, Sophia's “Zui Xuan Minzu Feng, igniting the passion of all of us. Immediately afterward, it's our home court, a happy song sung by clay and Jessica, ignited the atmosphere again. Jasmine sang a song of red high heels, with a slightly hoarse voice, which made us feel the same emotion as the singer. Everyone sang one song after another until late at night.

The emotions between us are permeated in the singing. It is the platform of Evangel that brings us together, from strangers who do not know each other to colleagues and friends who know each other well. In the new year, we will be more outstanding and more energetic to meet new challenges.