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EVANGEL Annual Party and Award Ceremony 2019
Publication Date: 2019-01-14 Promulgator:admin Clicks:4660

On 14, Jan. 2019, Evangel company organized a three-day journey to Tianmu lake. and we held a wonderful annual party there to reward our achievement in 2018 and look forward to the new future.

Tianmu Lake Water Park is located in  Liyang, Jiangsu province. It is sun-proof and near mountains and rivers, and also it is one of the ten thousand scarcity in the world. We are so excited to have a fantastic trip in such a charming and comfortable place.

The new year party was held in a special Resort & Spa hotel there. In the beginning, Evangel general manager, Mr Dennis made a speech for reviewing the development and achievement during the past 10 years. Achieve the sales quantity of Sany machinery 2018 was 2.5 times of the 2017 year. Evangel sales amount was top 1 for construction machinery in Alibaba March expo Shanghai and etc. We are so proud of these achievements which we have gotten by our hard-working team members. 

Every department prepared fantastic programs for the party, including dancing, singing, talk show, guitar. Dancing types are very popular in these young guys. All the evangel members were so exciting, cheers and screams together! 

After the program, an award ceremony was held for individual awards and team awards, including top 10 salesmen, best support team and so on. Bountiful rewards such as cellphone, iPad, laptop, etc. Congratulations to all! And at the end, Mr Dennis prepared a surprise birthday party for persons who were born in January, All shared a big and beautiful cake together. 

What a wonderful night and we expect a more and more strong Evangel. Let’s fight for 2019 together!